Thursday, June 16, 2005

Brit ID Job Creation

The Brit police who would have to go round matching people's ID cards with their iris scans have just cottoned on to the cost of false negatives and positives.

Britain's most senior police officer warned the Government yesterday that its proposed identity card scheme would fail unless the technology was "almost perfect".

No recognition system is "almost perfect". You always get some % of false negatives (people who's ID card doesn't match their iris scan), and false positives (people who are scanned & incorrectly matched with the wrong ID).

Iris recognition, the best available technology, is just 96% accurate. That's where character recognition was 30 years ago, when nobody bothered to use it.

And the 96% is for law-abiding folks. Terrorists will have the options of:
  • entering the UK as tourists or illegals, who won't the privilege of having Brit ID cards
  • getting false IDs and database entries, probable cost about $50,000.

Still, it will be a nice multi-billion £ contract for Accenture, and generate a lot of employment.