Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Decadent Dutch Establishment

The decadent European Establishments are furious at the refusal of citizens to accept the EU Constitution. The Establishments are decadent the way the Romans were at the end - they spend virtually nothing on defense, they disarm law-abiding citizens (but not terrorists), and the only crime they prosecute is their own citizens protecting themselves.

Here's a Dutch guy after voting against the EU constitution.

"If you realize that two thirds of parliament supported the constitution and two out of three people are against, it means a lot is wrong in the country".

When Theo Van Gogh was savagely murdered by a Muslim, here's how the Dutch Establishment reacted to the popular outrage.

Directly across the square from a Rotterdam mosque, a Dutch artist protested the murder by painting a mural of an angel ascending into heaven with the Biblical commandment "Thou shalt not kill," on the exterior of his own wall.

Moroccan youths crowded to spit on the mural.

The mosque complained about the mural, and the Rotterdam mayor ordered the mural removed. (Let us note that the offended mosque was not the one the murderer regularly attended, which distributed books instructing Muslims to chuck homosexuals from the top of tall buildings! Headfirst!!!)

Police arrested a video crew recording the removal of the mural, taking away their video tape. At the same time, police in Amsterdam converged in certain neighborhoods to prevent likely Muslim riots.

The good news is the Dutch people have not forgotten or forgiven.