Friday, June 24, 2005

Defending Your Property Rights

Kennedy et al's revocation of US private property is, IMHO, the worst thing that has happened since 9/11. But this time the enemy is internal, and citizens have to defend themselves. So it has to be non-violent guerrilla warfare - here are some initial suggestions.

Guerrillas fight asymmetrically - from a position of weakness. They go for the targets which are soft, have high impact within the opposing group, and carry low risk to themselves. They work retail (targeting individuals or small groups), not wholesale. In a peaceful society, they do this without physical violence.

If you're interested in asymmetric warfare, this is a good book. It's mainly about coups d'etat, but the non-violent preliminaries relate to peaceful social transformation.

Must Dos

1. Target the beneficiaries

In New London it's Pfizer. Don't buy their products. Protest to their board of directors. Frequently. Buy a few shares and be nasty at their stockholders meeting. If you have commercial leverage, no matter how small, use it. Ask your Mutual Fund if it invests in them. There are more perps out there: Power Line reports that Best Buy and an unnamed third company have been beneficiaries of Minnesotan takings. Target them too.

2. Collaborate

Put up web sites where people can share planned takings and identify the local lawmakers and business people involved - names, photos, emails, phones, addresses. And run co-ordinated letter and email campaigns. Be responsible though - the FBI will be a member.

3. Be personal

If a relative faces a taking (most likely if they're old & in an older but to them nice house), take point position. Because this is personal, so it's OK to confront the perps personally. Just don't hurt anyone and keep spouses and kids out of it.

4. Help the good guys

Donate to the Institute for Justice, the folks who fought for your property rights.

5. Harm the bad guys

If you come across the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, and are in a position to legally screw them, do so.

6. Use your vote in advance

Tell you local Federal and State representatives that if this law is still in place when you next vote, you'll vote for the other party.

Don't Dos

1. Violence

Violence is worse than loss of property rights.

2. Lobbying below state level (unless you know them personally)

Most pols at the lower levels are in the pockets of real-estate developers, or are real-estate developers. So don't bother.

3. Demonstrations

Waste of valuable effort - it puts your weak organization in the field against strong ones. Remember: work retail and personal.