Saturday, June 18, 2005

Feeling Lucky, Punk?

The superstar in the Iranian elections should stick to killing kids - they can't fight back. Israel can.

LGF reminds us of the views of one Rafsanjani, the leading mullah standing in the Iranian "elections".

If one day, the world of Islam comes to possess the weapons currently in Israel’s possession [meaning nuclear weapons] - on that day this method of global arrogance would come to a dead end. This, he said, is because the use of a nuclear bomb in Israel will leave nothing on the ground, whereas it will only damage the world of Islam.

Here's some advice for the Mullahs.

Do not even think about nuking Israel, no matter how much fun that may seem.

Here's why:

1. Israel has many nukes on submarines, where you can't get at them.

2. Israel has lots of satellites and is putting more up all the time. Their Shavit LK-2 launcher will put at least 800 kg into orbit. That's a lot more warheads your Mullahs cannot get at.

3. Israel has thermonukes, those nasty city-killers.

4. The CIA thought in 2001 that the Israelis had 100 to 400 warheads, with a combined yield of 50 megatons. By now that number will be much higher.

5. Iran will, with UN help, have a few fission weapons in 3 years time. Which, given Israel's small land area could indeed kill a lot of Israelis.

6. But the bad news is that with a couple of 100 non-suppressible megatons, Israel can put an end not only to Iran as a civilization, but the rest of the Arab world too. And have plenty to spare for, say, France.

7. Of course, the Israeli military might decide to throw in the towel after you'd killed many of their people.

8. However, you would be very unwise to assume this...