Tuesday, June 21, 2005

History For Moonbats

Mark Steyn reports that Gitmo prisoners put on weight and none have died. That would have been unlikely in WW2.

Each prisoner released from Guantanamo receives a new copy of the Koran plus a free pair of blue jeans in his new size: the average detainee puts on 13 pounds during his stay, thanks to the “mustard-baked dill fish”, “baked Tandoori chicken breast” and other delicacies. These and other recipes from the gulag’s kitchen have now been collected by some Internet wags and published as The Gitmo Cookbook.

My mother tells me that my uncle weighed 6 stone - 84 pounds when he returned from 3 years in a Jap prison camp. Not much for a tall guy. And he was lucky - he survived.

Another uncle flew Halifax bombers over Germany. He survived too, although 55,000 of his comrades did not.