Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Madness of Elites - Brit Doctors

Elite Brit doctors are obsessed with "child abuse", so parents of young children should treat all Brit doctors as adversaries. One terrible example is on trial now.

His name is Meadow, and he coined "Meadow's Law":

...that one cot death in a family was a tragedy, two were suspicious and three was murder...

He reached this conclusion by squaring the probability of a child dying for causes unknown. Nobody with any statistical training would make this mistake - it treats deaths like throws of a dice, each of which is independent. But real life events are usually correlated, for causal reasons. If your house is burgled, you're much more likely to be burgled again. If you live to 70, your life expectancy is much longer than it was at birth. And your kids are likely to resemble each-other.

I feel bad about this guy. The first useful thing I did after leaving college was to use statistical correlation to show why some US missiles were malfunctioning. Over the years, I noticed Meadow in news reports, shrugged at his idiocy, and assumed someone else would put him right. They didn't - he went on to testify against dozens of women who had lost their babies, arguing that:

the chance of two babies dying of cot death within an affluent family was one in 73 million.

The real figure, it emerged yesterday, was one in 77.

Nobody understands these early deaths, but its probably genetic. So, if you lose one baby, you're more likely to lose the next.

Based on this madman's evidence, Brit courts sent dozens of parents - people just like you and me - to jail and put their children into care homes. They even forced some to have their kids adopted.

Following a court case in 2000 where, on the evidence of Professor Sir Roy Meadow, they were held responsible for poisoning their youngest child by giving her 12-16 improving tablets prescribed for their eldest child's bedwetting, the two elder children were put with foster carers and the two younger ones adopted.

"I wouldn't even recognize the younger ones now," says Michelle, looking at a picture taken at the "goodbye" meeting when they were only three and five.

Meadow is now retired, and the worst he faces is losing his license. I hope that he gets sued for every last cent he has, but the Brit medical elite will probably prevent that.

Doctor who accused father of killing sons escapes total ban

A doctor who falsely accused a father of killing his two baby sons, on the evidence of a television interview, avoided being struck off for misconduct yesterday.

Prof David Southall, 57, described by the judge as a "paediatrician of international renown", concluded that Stephen Clark had killed his children after watching a documentary on Channel 4 in 2000.

Unfortunately, doctors get the backing of lefty family-hating social workers.

In the early Rochdale, 20 children were removed from their homes after a six-year-old boy told teachers he had seen babies murdered; the claims were dismissed by the High Court.

In the Orkney islands, village gossip about satanic practices led to the removal of nine children from their homes; after a £6 million inquiry, all charges were dismissed and social workers criticized for planting ideas in children's heads.

Criticized, that must have hurt!