Monday, June 06, 2005

Never, Never Negotiate With Terrorists

Reuters and the Jerusalem Post claim that the US is considering negotiating with Hamas, the terrorist organization. As Britain has proved with the IRA, negotiating with the killers will simply destroy support for the Palestinian moderates. And then, confronted with wall-to-wall killers, the only choice left to the State of Israel will be war.

Here's a Googled sample of Hamas' exploits:
Palestinian Hamas murders 7 Israeli students and injures 86
Arafat's Terror Murders 17 In Israeli Bus Bombings
A Massacre in Kosovo A member of the United Nations police force murders his American colleagues.

So, a similar outfit to the IRA - a bunch of psychopaths building a Fear State.

When Blair signed his Good Friday agreement with the IRA back in 1998, the two main political parties in Northern Ireland were moderate, one representing the Catholics and one the Protestants.

Blair argued that the way to get the "peace process" to work was to confer political legitimacy on the IRA. To alleviate the skepticism of the people of Northern Ireland he published a handwritten pledge.

No change to the status of Northern Ireland without the express consent of the people.

The power to take decisions to be returned from London to Northern Ireland, with accountable North-South co-operation.

Fairness and equality for all.

Those who use or threaten violence to be excluded from the government of Northern Ireland.

Prisoners to be kept in prison unless violence is given up for good.

The problem with Blair's approach was that he didn't understand that the IRA was doing very well financially out of killing people, and was never going to give that up. Plus it was made up of people who enjoyed killing - it's easy if you have the right equipment and choose safe targets.

So the IRA did not disarm and tightened its grip on the Catholic community, killing people, and expanding its drug trade. Blair however honored his part of the deal, allowing the IRA's party to run for election, and its releasing their imprisoned murderers - including the man who de-limbed old Louie Mountbatten and his young grandsons.

So, then what happened?

Well, observing that a political party with killers was getting a better deal than the moderate one, the Catholics deserted the latter for the IRA's front party.

And then what? Well, the Protestants, took the same lesson to heart, and deserted to the excellent (but immoderate) party of Dr. Ian Paisley.

And, with the community now totally polarized, sometime soon there'll be a war.

Still, at least Blair is consistent, since it seems the Hamas negotiation is his idea (my ellipsis).

The shift (in US policy) also follows a behind-the-scenes push by European allies, including Britain and France, for Washington to drop its call to dismantle Hamas completely.

I don't think the President should be too polite when he rejects this craven suggestion.