Sunday, June 26, 2005

Search Engines Make You Free

Here's an example of how the Main Stream Media (MSM) lies by ommission, and how easy it is to find them out.

yesterday's post on verbally-challenged Italian judges, I was interested to see this via Drudge:

In Italy, Anger at U.S. Tactics Colors Spy Case

MILAN, June 25 - The extraordinary decision by an Italian judge to order the arrest of 13 people linked to the Central Intelligence Agency on charges of kidnapping a terrorism suspect here dramatizes a growing rift between American counterterrorism officials and their counterparts in Europe.

European counterterrorism officials have pursued a policy of building criminal cases against terrorism suspects through surveillance, wire-taps, detective work and the criminal justice system. The United States, however, has frequently used other means since Sept. 11, 2001, including renditions - abducting terror suspects from foreign countries and transporting them for questioning to third countries, some of which are known to use torture.

Pretty damning! You can just see those Italian cops patiently assembling a case, then along come the arrogant Yanks & drag the suspect off to a torture state.

Still, I was suspicious. First, it's in the New York Times, which I haven't trusted since it reported Elian Gonzalez being peacefully taken from his relations, while "nuancing" this picture.

INS Thug

And then the story is datelined Milan, so it's special Italian pleading. Like with the woman journalist story, where, contrary to Italian sworn statements that the vehicle was stationary, US satellite photos showed the vehicle running the checkpoint at over 60 MPH. And finally, I could not remember any reports of Italian convictions of terrorists.

Still, it's important to be factually right on Depleted Uranium. So I Yahood and Googled "italy terror convict" to see how many bad guys have been put away by the Italy's Finest.
Here's what I found (emphases are all mine).

Dozens of terror suspects have been arrested in Italy, since the terror attacks on the United States. Seventy-five people suspected of illegal activities linked to terrorism have been arrested during the past year. But most have either been released, acquitted during trial or convicted of only minor crimes, such as falsifying documents. One expert noted that of 500 people arrested for terrorism in the European Union, only a couple of dozen have been convicted.

So, only an idiot would leave a threat to the US to be dealt with by the Italian legal system.

Still, taking the guy off to Egypt was cruel, if the NYT is correct that it's a torture state. (I haven't previously heard of the the NYT condemning Arabic torture, but maybe that never made it to Drudge or LGF). So I looked for more about the suspect.

More searching, made difficult by the hundreds of lefty whinings about the snatch from the jaws of Italian justice. And,
guess what I found?

The investigation concerns an Islamist Egyptian cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, known as Abu Omar, snatched off a Milan street in February 2003 and never seen again. He was wanted in Egypt for belonging to an outlawed Islamist militant group.

So now you know. The Italians were harboring an Egyptian citizen who was wanted there on criminal charges. The CIA considered the guy a threat to the US (remember, 3000 dead?). In the light of the complete ineffectiveness of the Italian control of terrorists, the CIA sent the guy back to his homeland.

It took me 15 minutes to find these facts. So far as I can see not one member of the MSM has shown similar diligence.