Monday, June 27, 2005

Socialist SCOTUS

A quick look at the judgments handed down by SCOTUS (Brits - this the acronym for the Supreme Court of the United States - please, no tasteless jokes about SCROTUM).

The Socialist SCOTUS continues its long march through the foundations of US society.

Journalists must reveal their sources or go to jail, even when the matter they reported on did not involve a criminal offense. The new regime in Iran will love this.

File sharing companies can be sued if they are used by felons to steal copyrighted material. Socialists prefer to blame the implement not the criminal - it lets them criminalize anything they don't like, while harming capitalist pig producers. Next stop guns.

Cable companies aren't obliged to let ISPs use their networks to compete with their own broadband services. A good decision for the wrong reasons - socialists abhor competition.

Scott at Powerline has been trying keep his spirits up.

The 5-4 breakdown of the vote on the (Kelo) decision highlights the importance of President Bush's standing fast in the judicial wars and of his nominating (and the Senate confirming) another few justices in the mold of Clarence Thomas. I think that is the immediate answer to the question.

I don't think so. The lefty -in-chief, Kennedy, was appointed by Reagan. His lieutenant Souter was appointed by Bush 41. The problem isn't that the wrong people are nominated, but that as soon as they are, all but the strongest are absolutely corrupted by absolute power.

My fear is that SCOTUS will legislate the US into an extended decline, as happened to the post WW2 Brits.

My hope that We The People will get mad and fix them.