Saturday, June 18, 2005

Summer In The City

It was 85 degrees and sunny for my run today.

Around the outer circle of Regent's Park, past the splendid classical villas, the London Mosque (probably the most-bugged place in London), the US ambassador's residence with its screen of H&K-armed police, & the London Zoo.

Then across the Regent's Canal to Primrose Hill, and a stop to at the top to take in the glorious panorama of London and chat to a couple of London bobbies.

Then back down, across the canal and homewards through Regent's Park.

Just follow the joggers rules: pass oncoming runners on the right, don't run between a dog and its owner or child and its parent (they will likely cut across you, or trip you up with their invisible lead). Look out for squirrels underfoot. And don't get in the way of folks taking photos.

I should have mentioned London's parks under the Good category in yesterday's post. The best I've visited in my travels, with the sole exception of the Maymont Gardens in Richmond, VA.

Like all parks, London's show all the stages of life. From babies in strollers, through staggering toddlers, kids shrieking in playgrounds, teenagers showing off, through lovers canoodling (in a restrained way, this being England), harassed parents riding shotgun on fractious offspring, older folks wearing hats against the sun. And it being a hot and sunny day, the greensward was full of people getting tans, and all the girls were in their summer dresses.

Hope the weather keeps up - just need to make sure that Al Gore doesn't visit London to drone about Global Warming...