Saturday, June 11, 2005


Weather is prefect - low 80s with a gentle breeze. Like Minnesota, this part of the Southern Med has 2 seasons: Winter and Road Construction & since it will be well over 90 soon, the road construction contractors are rushing to finish .

It's interesting to see how they build roads here. In the UK, integrated teams make a succession of passes, with the first laying road foundations, drainage, power ducts etc, culminating in a final pass that drops in surfacing, plantings, grass & signage. But here all these jobs are done separately, so the level of activity and rate of progress is lower.

I'm not complaining - means I can run through a road under construction & dodge the randomly scattered work crews (of course giving them a cheery wave).

We're in London for a stretch starting next week, so I'm installing drip irrigation in our small yard. As soon as I bought the components, it rained. Not much, but it never rains here in June. Another sign of a non-random universe