Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UN Plain Dealing

The Brit recruited by Annan to improve the UN's image may not be what he seems (my emphases). If you had any lingering doubts about the UN's hopelessness, Soros' support should finally convince you.

Mr. Malloch Brown, a Briton who lived in D.C. while working as a political consultant and later as a World Bank official, moved his family to the New York area two years ago.

Looking for a place to rent with his wife, Patricia, and four children, Mr. Malloch Brown turned to his friend Mr. Soros, who offered the house next door to his own in the Westchester County town of Katonah. Mr. Soros owns both properties.

Both sides say Mr. Malloch Brown's $10,000-a-month rent is at market rate for the five-bedroom house on a 4.8-acre lot.

The $120,000 annual rent is almost equal to Mr. Malloch Brown's current annual net salary as undersecretary general - $125,000, according to U.N. records.

William Orme, a spokesman for the United Nations Development Program, which Mr. Malloch Brown has headed since 1999, said Mr. Malloch Brown's savings, including those from his time as a political consultant, cover the rent.

How many people would pay $120,000 each year to subsidize their employers? I think it's more likely that Soros is paying - see this on the Presidential election

Billionaire Soros enters politics ... without running for office

Soros' old friend Mark Malloch Brown, now director of the United Nations Development Program, says he's hard-pressed to think of a nongovernmental figure in the United States today — "except maybe Oprah," he jokes — who has as much power or influence overseas as does Soros.