Friday, June 10, 2005

Watch the Birdie!

In London next week I'll have to update my Crow Sensitivity before going running.

Joggers are today being warned about violent crows in London parks after an attack left a man bloodied and needing hospital treatment.

Justin Keay was swooped on by two crows in what experts have called a severe case of "mobbing" - where two or more birds gang up on an assumed predator to keep them away from their young.

Now other runners are being told to stay well away from fledgling crows to avoid further attacks.

Why blame the victim? How can bird "experts" so precisely discern the motivation of these feathered rats? Couldn't they have been jihadist crows? Or muggers?

Anyway, to avoid trouble with London's Finest, I guess I'd better cancel the Gandalf June Baby Crow Stomp & avoid verbal discrimination by substituting non judgmental terms:
- measure distance "as the bird flies"
- "bird" at the collapse of the Euro
- etc.