Thursday, June 09, 2005

What's UP With TCS?

I'm a scientist, so get mad when the MSM or pols push junk science - for example man-made global warming. So TCS was great find - good science, no tenured windbags. But for some reasons it's just got obsessive about Darwinism, publishing 2 Al Gore style articles in 2 weeks.

The first is an ad hominem attack on proponents of Intelligent Design - one of the alternative theories to Darwinism. Surely TCS should know that ad hominem arguments are only used by fraudsters? Apparently not:

ID partisans have trained themselves not to be too specific about the Designer, either, for they have learned the lesson left by the political failure of their predecessors, the Creation Scientists, namely, that too much frankness in the matter of Who the Intelligent Designer is does not pay.

So, carefully avoiding anything that sounds like theology, while all the time the butter remains quite firm in their mouths, they simply aver that there is a Design and that it prima facie evidences Intelligence. "God? Oh, heavens, we're not talking about God. It might just be his next-door neighbor Wilson."

It rambles on like this. Today they're at it again:

No serious scientist believes the literal Biblical creation account, but many earnest and well-credentialed scientists do believe in Intelligent Design (ID), as a perspective on evolution. And ID, of course, is religiously inspired.

There is a genuine scientific problem here that these folks are trying to ignore: random variation and natural selection does not explain the fossil record or the order in which component developed or the presence of modular components in DNA. And plenty of other things. In any other field Darwinism would be marked "disproved" and researchers would look for alternatives.

(Note: the difference between a theory and a belief is that a theory can be disproved, whereas a belief cannot).

The problem alternatives to Darwinism face is that they can be said to imply the existence of a Creator, and people who don't believe in one just won't accept it. I sympathize. But that doesn't make the problems go away!