Sunday, June 05, 2005


The LA Times just published a commentary that agrees with Depleted Uranium.

Earlier this year on her charm-rich debut trip to Europe as secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice declared herself an enthusiastic supporter of the constitution. Last week, in Washington she again insisted that the integration was a good thing for the continent and for the United States. To be fair, Rice was merely repeating what U.S. administrations have said for many years.

The Europe rejected by the French and the Dutch last week has become a bureaucrats' fantasy theme park, an unwieldy leviathan steadily extending its reach into areas of European life in ways that would do more harm than good to U.S. global goals.

Internationally, it would create a single foreign policy with a single foreign minister. That would make it harder for countries with strong pro-American traditions, like Britain, Poland and Denmark, to line up with the United States.

At best, it would mean inglorious immobility, a foreign policy in which 25 disparate nations cannot agree on anything. At worst, it would drive Europe toward the Franco-German dream of a counterweight to U.S. power.

And so on. Dare I hope for the LAT to stand up for tax cuts?