Friday, July 22, 2005

Al Queda Trends Down

If you are an investor in Al Queda, sell now!

9/11/01: AQ crashes planes into NYC and DC, kill 3,000. US declares war on AQ, its supporters, and all potential recruits. Beats crap out of same.

3/11/04: AQ bombs Madrid, killing 191. Spanish cops top the front-men but Spain pulls out of Iraq. Nobody notices.

7/7/05: AQ suicide-bombs London, killing 52. Brits get irritated and decide all bombers should be shot in sight. They start deporting nutter Muslims.

7/21/05: AQ suicide bombs London again, killing zero. One suspected bomber shot on sight. Brits now really very irritated. Start frowning and making long lists of AQ prospects & suspects.

At this rate we'll get:

8/4/05. AQ fires pea-shooter at baby in Chelsea. Baby makes Citizen's Arrest. Police kill 4,000 suspected AQ terrorists "as a precaution". Blair "regrets any inconvenience caused". Nation observes 1 second silence for bereaved.