Friday, July 15, 2005

Assimilating Brit Muslims

There's a lot of fear and anger swirling around the Brit Muslim community. My solution is to tolerate their diversity but require English from all immigrants, punish criminal behavior even-handedly, and criminalize incitement to murder as if it were murder.

Innocent Until Proved Guilty

The worst thing Brits can do right now is persecute Muslims, whether by violence, intimidation or bad manners. Remember that force drives people to extremes:
A radical is a liberal who has been arrested
A fascist is a conservative who has been mugged

We Gandalfs know how corrosive of community spirit low-level intimidation can be. We put up with it in the US after the Brit shoe bomber Reid tried to blow up an airliner. On his arrest, he looked like this:


Gandalfs look like purebred anglo-welsh-german-norse-french Brits. Nevertheless, for the year after Reid was busted, we were were routinely stopped, patted down, humiliated & generally harassed by the TSA. It took a huge amount of willpower not to get mad, especially when we saw non-Brits looking exactly like Reid walking through unmolested. We just about tolerated it, but many Brits did not - which is why Brit tourism to the US has tanked and the US is unpopular there.

If pro-US Gandalfs get mad at small inconveniences, imagine the reaction of law-abiding Brit Muslims to really nasty harassment - they'll either fight or flee. Neither is good.

So, for once, I agree with the creepy PC Brits who are whining that Muslims should be treated like everyone else. They should be.

Expect Brit Standards of Behavior

But that does not mean giving people that protect killers a free pass. Brits tried that in Northern Ireland, and it just made things worse. In one incident, a crowd of Catholic women surrounded a young Brit soldier on patrol and stopped him moving on. One ran to get a terrorist who, hiding behind the women, shot the kid dead. None of the women were prosecuted & the killers went on to murder thousands. Now civil war looms.

So Brits should expect Muslims to act like any other citizen, actively dissuading friends and relations from signing up to terrorism. They should not turn the blind eye that the families of the 4 donkeys seem to have done. If they can't persuade, they should tell their clerics, who should try to straighten the guys out. Who should then alert the police if that fails.

And of course Muslims should argue back against people that incite killing of innocents.

Tolerate Free Speech

Brits lack a First Amendment. but shares that value. If people argue for the defeat of the US and UK in Iraq, so what? Plenty of folks in Washington DC do the same! The answer is robust rebuttal.

If you ever visit London, go to Speaker's Corner at a weekend. You'll find the most extreme lefties attacking the Great Satan. But you'll also find the crowd shouting counter arguments and facts. That's healthy.

Require Observance Of Brit Core Values

Brit culture has been absorbing foreigners for 2,000 years, messily but ultimately successfully. Much of Brit success has come from immigrants - Jewish, Huguenot, Italian, French, Hungarian, Indian, Caribbean, Kenyan Asian - the list is endless. Brits tolerate more variability from their culture than Americans do, but it usually works out.

So, how do we deal with Islam? Its core ethic is conversion by force and the subjugation of women. But provided folks just believe it and don't act on it, that's fine. If they do act on it, they are criminals.

So all killings are murder, including "honor" killings. And women must be treated as equals.

Crush Incitement To Violence

This needs a change in the law. Right now, Brits can only deport foreigners who preach murder - there are no sancions againt Brit-born hatemongers. I suggest a law that punishes incitement exactly as if the speaker had done what he suggests. So anyone who argues for killing hundreds of Londoners gets the same jail sentence he would if he'd actually done it. Like the cleric just sent down for life in the US.

Require English

Right now, Brit officialdom encourages immigrants not to learn English by talking to them in their native language. This extends to claiming state pensions, which are only claimable by folks who have been in the UK for their working lives!

Retirement - a guide to benefits for people who are retiring or have retired [RM1]
Provides basic advice on the benefits you may be able to get in retirement. This guide is also available in other languages, including Welsh, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Somali, Urdu and Vietnamese. See Other languages for more information.

This must stop: it delays integration & increases isolation.

Tolerate Dress Differences

Mrs G gets incandescent at the sight of women covered head to toe in robes. I'm cool, provided it's part of a transition..

Recently we encountrered a young woman dressed that way walking with a young man, also traditionally attired, with long beard, baggy black pants, oversize white shirt and big boots. But they were holding hands. I can live with that as part of a transition.

Another day we passed folks rowing boats on a London lake. One contained a man and two women, all in traditional Arab dress. One the way out, he was rowing and the women were sitting enjoying the view. When we came back, the women were rowing away happily while they guy sat smiling in the passenger seat.

And if dress or behavior are objectionable, social pressure is the best remedy. When Arabs first came to London to spend their petrodollars, all black-clad women would trail their men by some regulation distance. You never see that now - people just did not accept it.

So if dress is just different, I say tolerate it. Anyway, a young woman in silk headscarf and long dress looks a lot better to me than her fellow citizen in a too-short miniskirt & rings in eyebrows & nostrils!

So, all Blair needs to do is to catch and kill the terror masters, apply the law uniformly, criminalize hate speech as the crime it incites and limit government to English. Even his managerially-challenged administration should be able to master that!