Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avoid Socialist Medicine

Turns out the Brit doctors' union that just got a ruling that its members can kill incompetent patients also provides top-cover for their sexual molestation. Americans can take comfort that their less-than-perfect health care does not sanction murder and rape. Brits need to keep frail and/or sexually vulnerable people away from their NHS.

Note: NHS is the socialist Brit National Health Service, ellipses and emphasis are mine

Conspiracy of silence allowed NHS rape spree

IT WAS a secret that William Kerr was determined to cover up. Working as a National Health Service psychiatrist in Northern Ireland he had been accused of luring a teenage patient into his car, claiming that sex would help her mental condition.

It was a laxity within the NHS that was to continue from his appointment in 1965 until his retirement in 1988. A government inquiry has now concluded that during this time he raped or sexually molested at least 67 women.

Thirty-eight of his female patients made complaints to nurses and 11 GPs (Family Practitioners) but they were largely dismissed as fantasists or troublemakers. Only one GP, Dr John Wade, approached a senior figure. He turned to Michael Haslam, also a consultant psychiatrist at Clifton hospital and who, unknown to Wade, was (also) sexually assaulting his own patients.

It was not until 1996, when two patients complained to the General Medical Council, that action began to be taken against Haslam, who was by then medical director of South Durham NHS Trust.

But the Brit MSM, not the GMC outed the perverts.

Even then, according to the government inquiry, Haslam might never have been prosecuted if he had not sued The Sunday Times for libel after the newspaper revealed details of the allegations against him.

This distressing story shows the power the socialist NHS gives to doctors. An earlier example was Harold Shipman, Britain's and probably the world's most prolific serial killer. He used his position in the NHS to murder about 250 elderly women over the 25 year period to 1998.

And there are anecdotal horror stories. A senior nurse we met a while back was concerned that her daughter-in-law was going to an NHS hospital for a jaw operation that involved anesthesia. The nurse said it was normal practice for doctors in the operating theater to sexually abuse unconscious young women, so she was planning to fit her daughter-in-law with an improvised chastity belt.

It's not news that socialism creates all the ills of a monopoly, but it's easy to forget that, 14 years after Mrs Thatcher, a monopoly rules the lives and deaths of Brits. US health care can be pretty grim, but it doesn't kill and abuse its customers.