Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back In The Southern Med

Yesterday flew from spiffy London to less than spiffy Southern Med .

Emerged from plane (steps, no jetway) into steamy 90 degrees plus. After usual 40 minute wait for checked bags, picked up a rental (battered Hyundai, but with Air-Con), cleaned up the vandalized Gandalfmobile (window broken, radio & all movable equipment gone), paid full charge to exit the airport parking lot (no security fence, only 5% CCTV cover), convoyed (dodging suicide-bomber style local drivers) to the repair shop (closed in spite of appointment, forced to re-open).

Then to our cottage, where things got better. Drip irrigation has worked - small courtyard is now a jungle! Almost all plants are lush and green, bougainvilleas grown 6', weeds 2' high.

Gandalfette joined us for drinks in our new jungle, then we headed out to dinner.

So I ended up this frustrating day in the company of two beautiful women on the terrace of a harbor-side restaurant, washing down excellent seafood with local Pinot Grigio. Lights reflecting in the still water, a gentle Mediterranean breeze keeping the temperature just right.

A reminder that nowhere is perfect, you just have to accentuate the positives.