Sunday, July 24, 2005

Brit Muslims Agree Police Did The Right Thing

Elected Muslim Brits agree that the apparently innocent guy shot by London police is another casualty of the al Queda war on us.

Here's what seems to have happened.

The guy, possibly unknowingly, lived in a house that was used by terrorists.

One senior source said last night: "We were led to an address in Stockwell by documents found in the abandoned rucksacks and by our intelligence. This house, which now appears to be a multi-occupancy address, was put under surveillance."

When stopped by armed police he ran away, bolting into an Underground train carriage full of people.

It is believed that Mr de Menezes, who is thought to have spoken good English, may have been working illegally in Britain for up to four years. He is thought to have panicked when confronted by armed men as he was about to buy a Tube ticket at about 10am. Witnesses said that he hurdled the ticket barrier, ran down the escalator and stumbled into a carriage.

He was dressed suspiciously.

The man, who was wearing a padded jacket that officers might have thought contained explosives, was pounced on by three officers, one of whom shot five low-velocity bullets from a handgun into his head in front of horrified passengers.

This is what one of the elected Representatives of the 85% of decent Brit Muslims had to say (my emphasis).

Last night, as the Metropolitan Police admitted that the Stockwell man had proved to have no links to the terror investigation, Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Bar, told The Sunday Telegraph that he still supported the new tactics.

"The death of an innocent man is a terrible tragedy and we have to feel sympathy for him and his family and also the police," he said.

"But the basic principles remain the same. As long as the police have robust procedures in place then, if a suspect ignores a command to stop and is deemed to be jeopardizing the lives of other people, shooting to kill is justified.

Anyone who ignores a police challenge will nearly always have something to hide and will know that he is putting his own life at risk by running away.

"The civil liberties of those whose lives are threatened have to take priority over the rights of someone assessed in good faith by highly trained police officers to be a suicide bomber."

Couldn't put it better myself.