Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Chirac Kerfuffle

The Brit press is irritated by the anti-Brit jokes Chirac made to Schroder and Putin. More interestingly, a Brit secret weapon is revealed: forced haggis ingestion.

His conversation was recorded by an enterprising French journalist. He starts of swapping anti-Brit and anti-American jokes with his fellow losers. But then the mask slips (my elipsis).

Mr Chirac then recalled how George Robertson (a Scottish person), the former Nato secretary general and a former defence secretary in Tony Blair's Cabinet, had once made him try an "unappetizing" Scottish dish, apparently meaning haggis.

"That's where our problems with Nato come from," he said.

Forcing Frenchies to eat their more horrible ethnic dishes is a Brit national sport. Haggis is good, but if they don't have any sheep's intestines to hand, they use kippers, often coated with marmalade.

If the US could bring itself to add these to the Gitmo menu, the head hackers would sing like canaries.