Saturday, July 09, 2005


Today, a few Underground lines and stations are shut down, the area of the bus bombing is surrounded by huge screens and the police are everywhere. But life goes on, as it must. And the Brits are getting angry. In a poll today:

More than 80 per cent (of Brits) believe the threat is so serious that the authorities should act against suspected terrorists even if they have not committed any offence.

Relations of the missing are searching for loved ones, the police and security forces are hunting the perps (and playing mind games with them, so don't believe every police announcement). Forensic teams are searching the wreckage for clues and body parts. Pathologists are assembling body parts (possibly including those of one of the bombers) using quick turnround DNA testing.

All very tragic, but routine.

Now, people are quietly waiting for confirmation of the identity of the killers. On the face of it, that's a no-brainer - Muslims. But Brits are a fair minded race. They like to be sure of their opponent before exacting vengeance, which is usually terrible.

Heres' an example from WW2. When it started, the Royal Air Force bombers were restricted to dropping leaflets on German cities, exhorting them to come to their senses and stop behaving like savages. Many Brit aircrew were killed doing this. Then the Germans blitzed London, killing about 20,000 people, destroying half of the ancient city center and all of the docks. That did it.

The best and brightest Brit mathematicians ran the numbers on the German raids. They found that destroyed factories were brought back on line in days, whereas destroyed workers' housing meant that the workforce was either dead or absent for weeks rescuing or burying their families.

So the British decided to destroy the German manufacturing workforce. They built a huge heavy bomber fleet (each Brit bomber carried about 3 times the payload of its US equivalent). And over the next 4 years they destroyed every German town and city, slaughtering many innocents in the process.

The fuse for an extreme Brit response against Islam has been primed by 7/7. Any of the following will light it:

1. More bombings.

2. Lack of active displays of remorse by the Muslim community (words are not enough).

3. More mass killings of Iraqi civilians or Iraqi or coalition troops.