Friday, July 01, 2005

Day At The Races

We attended Henley Royal Regatta today. It's a rowing competition on a beautiful stretch of the river Thames which first ran in 1839 and is a big feature of the Brit summer social season.

The high-end viewing enclosure we attended was replete with elaborate grandstands, fancy restaurants and bars and had a military band playing. Men are expected to dress smartly, and women to wear elegant dresses with hemlines not above the knee. And fancy hats. All harmless traditionalism that cements Brit society.

Weather was excellent for the competitors - 60s and light rain - and there was some great rowing from Brit and US crews.

Unfortunately, Mrs G is now insufferable. She returned from chatting to friends to report that she had been accosted by two polite young men had told her that they considered her "the most beautiful woman in the enclosure" and that her hat was "by far the best".

Young men should realize that although it is excellent manners to compliment women of all ages, they should have a proper regard for husbands and so make sure that wifely egos are not excessively inflated.