Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fixing Africa The Greenpeace Way

The poor people of Africa will be starved and killed by their dictators until said dictators are removed. The GWOT will tie up the US, UK and Australia for the next 10 years, so they can't fix the problem. My suggestion is a new private organization, modeled on the original Greenpeace.


The early eco-warriors had great skill and courage and strong strategic vision. However, as with most start-ups those early days are gone. It's now just another a corporate giant, and its girly-men protesters are routed by City of London traders. Greenpeace has not even avenged this:

The French mines that sank Greenpeace's flagship, Rainbow Warrior, in Auckland harbor two decades ago claimed (the life of) its photographer, Fernando Pereira.

(Two) French agents, pleaded guilty to manslaughter but served only three years of their sentence - in French Polynesia. They are both working again for their original employers.

...the commander of the sabotage reputed to be the man in charge of French military intelligence.

So Greenpeace is broken. But Live 8 shows the sons and daughters of the founders' generation are still full of youthful idealism. I suggest they channel this into a new organization to take out African dictators.

Not necessarily to kill them. Hacking their bank accounts, sabotaging their Mercedes limousines, knocking out services to their palaces, and destroying their communications networks could be just as effective.

That's a worthy challenge, needing the original Greenpeace mix of technical skills, good planning, daring & courage.

And to get French attention, they might consider starting by topping those 3 French perps, Mossad-style.