Saturday, July 30, 2005

Good News, Bad News, Good News

The good news is that Brits have done an excellent job in catching the July 21 suspects. As well as good police work, the telecoms industry pitched in to track the would-be killers, and the Brit public, Muslims included, provided a cornucopia of information.

The bad news is that Blair is an appeaser of terror and will release the suspects as soon as he can, while prosecuting the cops, MI5 and the SAS.

But then the final good news is that when Blair is gone, the Brits will get even.

The captives look to be the B Team - the guy caught in Rome was tracked across Europe by his cellphone calls. The 9-strong A Team which Hoffman freed had $500,000 of non-trackable satellite phones, so they'll be harder to catch.

The bad news is Blair's appeasement of the IRA in Northern Ireland. It's a character defect since there's no need for him to appease - the police and public response to Muslim terrorism and Army performance in Afghanistan and Iraq show that the Brits can easily extirpate the IRA. Yet Blair has now handed the Northern Irish Catholic community over to a Fear State. Here are some things he did this past week (my ellipsis and emphasis):

Freeing mass murderers

Sean Kelly, the Shankill bomber who killed nine innocent people in 1993 when he blew up a fishmongers, walked out of prison as the horse-trading leading up to the IRA statement began in earnest.

Letting fugitive murderers return

IRA murderers on the run are to be offered an amnesty that will allow them to return to Northern Ireland.

Withdrawing the Brit army

The Government yesterday reacted to the IRA's promise to give up violence by closing a military base and dismantling an Army watchtower guarding one of Northern Ireland's most notorious trouble spots.

The IRA, which has broken very agreement it has made, responded with a joke

"The leadership (of the IRA) has formally ordered an end to the armed campaign. This will take effect from 4pm this afternoon. All IRA units have been ordered to dump arms."

Despite anger over the (IRA) murder of Robert McCartney this year and the (IRA) £26.5 million Northern Bank robbery last year, there was no specific mention of the IRA ending its involvement in robberies, punishment beatings, money laundering, smuggling and its refusal to recognise the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The IRA promised to co-operate with the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning and to invite a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister to witness the dumping of its armoury.

Now that's verification!

Based his IRA performance, I forecast that within 12 months Blair will have released all the London bombing suspects, paid them reparations, and started legal action against Brit police for excessive use of force etc.

But the final good news is that, long term, he is toast. And the London episode shows that Brit people and their institutions are perfectly capable of vigorous self-defense and vengeance. So IRA and Muslim killers should not stick around.