Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hanging Is The Only Answer

There's an interesting poll here on the attitude of Brit Muslims to the London killings. Conclusion: the Brit establishment has to restore capital punishment.

The poll is done online, and online Muslims are unlikely to be representative of the population as a whole. So I wouldn't treat the numbers as gospel. The questions are a mixture - some ask about confidence in the courts and politicians, and the results are not remarkable. The remainder however impact directly on whether the people questioned consider themselves Brits.

- 17% thought the 7/7 killings were either justified or only not justified on balance.
- 13% had a lot of sympathy for the terrorists.
- 16% did not feel loyal to the UK.
- 14% felt that the Muslim community had no responsibility at all to bring the killers to justice.
- 14% said that they had no duty to tell the police of suspicious behavior.

It's hard to see how anyone with these views could ever be happy in the UK. Or how that person's fellow citizens would wish to be in their company.

Averaging the above numbers gives us 15% - about 240,000 individuals - in the Not Brit category.

If the Brits let these people stay, they will go on supporting and providing murderers - if they kill one Brit each, that's more than the Brits lost in WW2. And long before it got that far, citizens would take matters into their own hands, with terrible consequences for the 85% of decent Brit Muslims.

Forced re-conditioning isn't an option - nobody has ever got it to work, not even in Clockwork Orange!

Prison doesn't work - in the Brit system, this just provides a training environment, witness the IRA's H-Block machinations.

Deportation is worth a try, but I can't see any reason for another nation to accept nutty Brit nationals.

Which leaves killing them. Not because of who they are, but what they do. The Brits must re-instate capital punishment for murder.

Brit citizens have never been in favor of the abolition of capital punishment - that was forced on them by their liberal elites. If the terror continues,the pendulum will swing, as will a lot of terrorists...