Monday, July 18, 2005

The Lefty Appeasers

Here are the credentials of the two lefties who oppose the GWOT. The leader of the two has been singing this song since before 9/11 and his sidekick just specializes in European law enforcement.

Lefty 1

Works at a Scottish university. He claims to be an expert on Terrorism but in a book published in 2001:

Bin Laden's name is rarely mentioned; Al Qu'aida not at all, despite the fact that the book was written at a time when both had already allegedly been involved in terrorist activities against the U.S. and others.

He hastily republished after 9/11 to fix this unfortunate omission. But stuck to his basic premise:

...(he) comes down firmly against the waging of any international "war on terrorism", suggesting that the nature of war, as an even greater evil than terrorism, means that any state that launches military reprisals, particularly if this is done without respect for the rights of civilians and the principles of international law, places themselves "on the same level morally as the terrorist states."

So he wanted to leave the Afghans to the Taliban and the Bosnian Muslims to the Serbs. Yuck.

Lefty 2

Is the sidekick, another academic working at my old University as:

....a specialist in European law enforcement...

He's worked under Lefty 1 on a Brit-taxpayer funded anti-terrorism study. He has not published much, and what's out there is hot air - here's the conclusion of an article he wrote for Young Europeans for Security, a bizarre Danish outfit:

It has been noted that counter-terrorism intelligence’s ‘… most important and direct value is in providing pre-emptive tactical warning of a terrorist action ..[but] this may not result in immediately observable action such as arresting terrorists or capturing their materiel.’ (vii) This comment is fully consistent with the current emphasis, in the UK, of the primacy given to the use of intelligence for the protection of the public by disrupting the activities of terrorists even if this reduces the evidence gathering opportunities for court purposes.

So war is outside of his remit - he promotes passive law-enforcement as the response to terror - as opposed to the GWOT which kills terrorist leaders where they live.

Bin Laden must be most grateful for these taxpayer-funded Useful Idiots.