Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Make Them Fear Us

Brit security worked well, but only after the event. CCTV imaged the terrorists and police quickly located their homes. Which is fine, but it won't stop another attack - only fear will do that.

Natan Sharansky observes that democracies are inherently prone to compromise, and so slow to defend themselves. The Brits are no exception. Here's what they should do.

Deport all islamic hate merchants
Set up a tribunal to review the public writings and speeches of all Islamic teachers. Recommend immediate deportation for all found guilty, with no appeal.

Bug every mosque
To collect evidence for the above.

Identify every potential terrorist
The suicide bombers did not have criminal records or terrorist connections. MI5 should expand its threat database to include all 16,000 potential terrorists using the profiling developed by the Israelis - young, middle class, visits to Pakistan etc.

Track their every movement
CCTV with face recognition software has effectively protected the square mile of the City of London against the 300 known IRA killers. Adding 16,000 or so Muslims and covering the suspects' towns will be a big technical challenge, but it's do-able. And much cheaper than universal ID cards.

Fire Hoffman
Hoffman is the Brit supreme court member who earlier this year overrode MI5 to force the release of 9 terrorists. Because in his opinion they were not a risk. He's a lefty amateur who is now possibly guilty of manslaughter and should be sent packing in disgrace.

Redeploy all the RAF to Iraq to 100% interdict the Syrian and Iranian borders
The explosive may have come from Iraqi bomb makers. The US killed 1,100 infiltrators the other day, so there are plenty of targets. These borders need to be sealed 24*7 and air power is the cheapest way to do it.

Have the SAS kill the bomb-makers
The SAS is wasted sitting in Hereford. They did a great job against the IRA, as (for example) the IRA's Gibraltar bomb team would testify (if they were still alive).

Compromise their explosive pipeline
The bombers seem to have used C4, instead of the Semtex preferred by the IRA. The IRA bombings were cut back by introducing chemically tagged Semtex into their supply chain, which over time enabled the security forces to identify where every bomb had been sourced, and then shut the supplier down.

Hang terror chiefs
It's noticeable that the although the young Islamic fanatics are happy to die, their masters are not. Hence the howls whenever the Israelis kill one of the terror-masters. Open retribution by the State would send a powerful message to those in the Brit Islamic community who are complicit with terror.

Make them fear us
The current war arose because the Muslim community thought that Srebrenica and Somalia showed the US to be soft and degenerate, which it is not. Muslims need to learn the same of the Brits - as Machiavelli pointed out, fear always works and kindness always fails. There are plenty of Muslim terrorists available in Iraq, but the Brit Army sits in its camps and only goes out to clean up attackers.

So they should return to aggressive patrolling, making extensive use of the bayonet which is so feared by the head-hackers. It works - here's what happened last year:

In the southern Iraqi town of Amara, 20 men from Scotland's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders came under attack from 100 or so of Muqtada al-Sadr's ''insurgents.'' So they fixed bayonets and charged.

It was the first British bayonet charge since the Falklands War 20 years ago. And at the end of it some 35 of the enemy were dead in return for three minor wounds on the Argylls' side.