Sunday, July 03, 2005

Making Northern Ireland Into South Africa

Blair's honcho in charge of Northern Ireland has praised the IRA killers and likened them to the fighters against South African apartheid.

Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland Secretary, praised Sinn Fein's leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness as "courageous" and "visionary" during meetings with prominent Irish-American politicians in America last week...

Mr Hain, who has been trying to play down the anti-Unionist and "troops out" views he espoused as a student activist in the 1970s, spoke enthusiastically about the former IRA commanders.

Former commanders?

In an interview with the Irish Voice newspaper, he said that Mr Adams had "shown vision and determination" and "a lot of political guts" for his "momentous statement".

Adams will know a lot about guts, his lads eviscerated this guy in January:

...the Irish Republican Army -- once the self-declared protectors of Northern Ireland's Catholics but now accused of being neighborhood thugs who terrorize their own people.

The case in point is the murder of Robert McCartney -- a Catholic father of two young boys who was killed -- it's widely known -- by members of the IRA during a brawl in a Belfast bar.

The brawl apparently spilled out of Maginnis's bar and on to the street where he was beaten, stabbed and left for dead. "Apparently" because, of the more than 70 people in the bar at the time, none has come forward as a witness. They all say they were in the bathroom when McCartney was being killed. Together. At the same time, and saw nothing.

Returning to our lefty pol.

Mr Hain, who cut his political teeth in Britain as an anti-apartheid campaigner, also compared the situation in Northern Ireland to South Africa, his birthplace, under apartheid.

Aha, another lefty South African implant! Actually, Northern Ireland more closely resembles the present South Africa, not the apartheid version. South Africa now has a murder rate that puts Iraq in the shade, and is following the path of its protégé Zimbabwe in killing and dispossessing whites.

Murders foreshadow South African land war

Countless white farmers have fled after a huge rise in farm attacks in the decade since the end of apartheid. As many as 1,700 white farmers have been killed, many with a brutality that has shocked the police investigating the cases. The farmers that remain are gripped by an epidemic of fear.

I'm betting South Africa will be reduced to starvation in a few years time. As will Northern Ireland if Blair manages to hand it over to the IRA. Fortunately though, the majority in Northern Ireland have Dr. Ian Paisley.