Sunday, July 17, 2005

Muslim Association of Britain = Bad Muslims

Brits are divided between 3 models of Islam:

1. It's good, whatever it does;
2. It's rotten and needs cleaning out;
3. It's a mix of good ones who have embraced Western liberties, and bad ones who want to build a Caliphate from Spain to the Philippines.

I'm in the third category so am working to flag the bad guys, starting with the Muslim Association of Britain.

This bunch of perverts today
held a rally in Bedford Square, right next to Tavistock Square which is still being cleaned of the blood of the innocents murdered by their co-religionists. Claiming to mourn our dead, they carried these signs:


They allied with Saddam's buddy Galloway and assorted appeasers. Here's how of they mourned their fellow-citizens.

"Innocent victims have lost their lives in an incident that proved how ridiculous the war on terror has been.

"We will continue to campaign for the speedy removal of troops in Iraq and we are going to fight for it harder than ever,"

Wasar Altikriti, an 18-year-old from the Muslim Youth Group in Leeds - the city where the bombers lived - told the crowd how they felt ostracised and intimidated by the rest of society after the London bombing.

She said she felt a sense of hate from travellers on the underground as she made her journey to London this morning.

All of which reveals a fatal (for them) misunderstanding of British character, culture and history. The MAB and it's fellow-travelers should depart to Pakistan while there is time.