Friday, July 15, 2005

Now Sue The Bum

The Brit doctor who destroyed families using crooked statistics has been busted.

Professor Sir Roy Meadow has been struck off the medical register after being found guilty of serious professional misconduct over evidence he gave in the Sally Clark child murders trial.

In a highly critical judgment, a General Medical Council fitness to practice panel concluded that Prof Meadow, 72, had "abused his position as a doctor" by giving misleading evidence in the trial.

The panel said the consequences of his errors "cannot be underestimated".

And it said his actions had "seriously undermined" the position of all doctors giving evidence in trials.

Oddly enough, his fellow doctors are as bothered by their own loss of credibilty as they are by the destruction of families!

The test now is to see if his victims sue him - he's retired, so inability to practice won't bother him. Being old and poor will.