Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rock For Tyrants

This morning I ran Regent's Park to avoid the Live8 concert in Hyde Park. But there was no escape, the event was being relayed at full volume to the local Open Air theater.

I heard part of a warm up interview with an aging rock star who wants Brits to pay more of their taxes to African dictators. Asked how The World could prevent aid vanishing into tyrant's Swiss bank accounts, he confidently replied:

"The UN will prevent that".

"But surely the UN is corrupt and it's peacekeepers rape children?" Asked the puzzled interviewer.

"The UN has put all that child-rape behind them", intoned the rock star. Who I'm guessing speaks with authority, having put a lot of drug abuse, deserted wives and abandoned kids behind him.

Meanwhile, one of the big recipients of all this promised aid continues to clean up his country.

homeless kids

Zimbabwe's slum clearances claimed the lives of a pregnant woman, a toddler and a baby as police razed a shanty town outside Harare, sending 10,000 people fleeing into the bush.

The toddler, a four-year-old boy, was killed by a police truck when Operation Restore Order reached the Porta Farm settlement west of the capital. "He panicked when he saw police destroying houses and tried to run away," a witness said. "He didn't see the oncoming truck, which struck him and killed him."

A bedridden pregnant woman and a one-year-old baby died in separate incidents in the same settlement. Another witness said the woman's mother tried to pull her clear but the shack collapsed on her, killing her. The baby was killed when a police bulldozer razed a home before his mother could save him.

The UN is busy appeasing the murderous thug (my emphasis).

The latest raid against what the government calls "illegal housing" took place as Anna Tabaijuka, the UN's special envoy investigating the ruthless operation against informal settlements, was reportedly praising President Robert Mugabe for his "visionary approach" to rehousing. The UN has said that 200,000 people have been made homeless.