Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rolling Up Al Queda

Waiting for clarity on the apparent bomb attacks on London, it's worth noting the effectiveness of the response in the 2 weeks since 7/7. Al Queda should not be pleased.

1. Brit police and security have identified the who, when and how of the attacks. We know everything we need to know about the bombers - birth, education, travels, phone calls, contacts.

2. Egypt has the possible bomb-maker in custody. Whether they'll extradite him is another matter. If they don't and there is strong evidence against the guy, a trade, aid and tourism embargo should do the trick

3. Pakistan has the possible planner in custody and seem likely to extradite him, if he's extraditable after interrogation.

4. Brit muslims have stood up and been counted, either for their adopted nation or against it. Now we know who they are (London cockneys call the bad ones Mossies).

5. The Mayor of London is confirmed as a terrorist sympathizer.

6. Londoners have a new empathy with Israelis.

7. Muslim clerics that have spent years in the UK preaching hatred are going to be deported.

Not bad for 14 days.