Friday, July 01, 2005

Symetrical Warfare

You don't have to use asymmetric warfare to control despots - symmetry can work fine too.

Giles has two good examples;

1. The proposal that the NH town of Weare acquires Supreme Court justice Souter's home to enable the land to be used for a hotel, yielding much higher property taxes. Which is highly symmetrical, since that's exactly what Souter has OKd for the citizens of New London, CT. My guess is the Weare selectmen will try to protect their favorite son, probably by using zoning. But that leaves plenty of scope to appeal, since the New London folks did not have that protection. And next there are the homes of Stevens, Kennedy, Ginsburg and Breyer.

2. The proposal to collect and publicize the personal details the Brit lawmakers who just voted for an ID card scheme on the South African Apartheid Passbook model, that requires such information be encoded on the card and available as required by the State. I'm going to choose a lawmaker at random and see how extensive a profile I can build for a modest outlay.