Sunday, July 03, 2005

Virginia Tradition

Fond memories were awakened by a story in today's WaTimes. Talking of the importance of tradition to Virginians it notes:

The streaking tradition has carried on for centuries, and is now part of student life at the University of Virginia (UVa.) in Charlottesville.

When Mrs G and I were being shown around the campus, our student guide told us of this practice. Naked students run from the Rotunda to the far end of the Lawn, kiss the base of the statue there, then run back.

When this last happened, our guide was outside the Rotunda hosting a group of older ladies. They gasped at the sight of a naked young man sprinting away from them. One lady missed the sight -she'd been inspecting a doric column - and was most upset.

"Don't worry!" said one of her companions, who knew the routine, "He'll be coming back!"