Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Do They Hate Us? (The French, That Is)

The blood is hardly dry in London - we just observed a 2 minute silence - everybody in the streets stopped and bowed their heads in remembrance. Meanwhile the French are back to sniping at us via their lefty US media allies. Hat tip LGF:

Thanks to the war in Iraq, much of the world sees the British government as resolute and tough and the French one as appeasing and weak. But in another war, the one against terrorism and radical Islam, the reverse is true: France is the most stalwart nation in the West, even more so than America, while Britain is the most hapless.

While London hosts terrorists, Paris hosts a top-secret counterterrorism center, code-named Alliance Base, the existence of which was recently reported by the Washington Post. At Alliance Base, six major Western governments have since 2002 shared intelligence and run counter-terrorism operations - the latter makes the operation unique.

I'm critical of the Brit legal system, but as being currently demonstrated, Brit counterintelligence is first rate. And the Brit multi-cultural society is infinitely preferable to the French Muslim ghettos.

France's Muslim Ghettos

The UK model of integration is similar to the US model - Brit Muslims congregate in areas by choice, as do, say Koreans in LA and Chinese in San Francisco. These areas are distinctive, but no less safe than anywhere else and quite often tourist magnets (we often visit the Arab areas around the nearby Edgeware road to sample their excellent cuisine). By contrast in France the (3 times larger) Muslim population is concentrated in ghettos.

Up to five million Muslims are thought to live legally and illegally in France.

French Muslims complain that the government's talk of equality is not matched by action. They are often refused jobs and bank loans and many still live in public housing on the outskirts of cities, where crime is rampant.

Paris is surrounded by a ring of Muslim ghettos: dreary 60s public housing projects, each connected to the outside world by one road and one railway line which the authorities can easily shut down if trouble develops. The people have no jobs and their culture is disintegrating - rape and murder are common.

Their Interior Minister acknowledged this:

"Let's start by recognizing France's failures to integrate its immigrants,"

And a commentator remarks:

It is a measure of France's failure at integrating its ethnic minorities that M Sarkozy's proposal, practiced in Britain and America for years, sounded new.

As a direct result of this repressive policy, France is now a very dangerous place - take a look at these examples.

French Counterintelligence

Judge it by its performance - Muslim extremists were bombing Paris subways 10 years ago:

July 25, 1995 --At least four (4)people were killed and another 35 wounded in an afternoon terror attack that took place today in the Paris Saint-Michel underground station, near the Latin quarter. Police officials are investigating and wouldn't immediately comment, but French Prime Minister Alain Juppe is quoted by the Reuters News service as saying that he believes that "there is a very strong suspicion of a (terrorist) attack".

Paris is the preferred departure point for US bound terrorists. When Richard Reid, the "British" Muslim shoe bomber tried to blow up a US-bound plane, he traveled from Paris, not London. American Airlines refused to let him board, but French officials insisted. Possibly he was helped by a French support team.

After the attempted bombing (Reid) always claimed to have acted alone but there have been accusations that he had a support team in Paris and US reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered while investigating Reid’s links in Pakistan.

Not to mention past crimes of French counterterrorism leaders.

The Top Secret French Counter-terror Organization

Is a CIA operation dominated by Anglos (my emphases).

Funded largely by the CIA's Counter-terrorist Center, Alliance Base analyzes the transnational movement of terrorist suspects and develops operations to catch or spy on them.

The base is unique in the world because it is multinational and actually plans operations instead of sharing information among countries, they said. It has case officers from Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and the United States.

It probably doesn't work very well - the US & Brits don't share sensitive information with the French because they give it to the enemy (my ellipsis):

Last April France was left out of some Nato planning after fears of a pro-Serb bias in Paris. The fresh allegations were based on an American "after-action report" written last September by the now retired United States Air Force general James McCarthy.

Gen McCarthy analyzed the early days of the (Kosovo) bombing campaign and concluded that information must have been leaked to the Serbs.

By the end of the second week of the campaign, when the list of people given access to the orders had been reduced from 600 to 100 (excluding the French), the effect on the Serbs' knowledge was immediate, the report is said to conclude.

Whenever they can:

NATO commanders in Bosnia yesterday launched an investigation into claims that a French soldier may have alerted Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader, that Western troops were about to raid his hideout.

And they give sanctuary to mass murderers.

The extradition of Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav president, to The Hague has highlighted the failure of French Nato forces to arrest Mr Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader, who has been hiding in Bosnia's French-controlled sector for a year. Gen Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb military commander, also indicted by The Hague, is believed to have moved recently from Belgrade to hide in the "safety" of the French sector.

Bottom line

The French oppress their minorities, who hate them. They leak secrets to our enemies. Their intelligence forces are incompetent and protect killers. Their fellow travelers in the lefty US press are boosting them to snipe at the President. And they all hate the Brits.

Oddly enough!