Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Your Majesty, Pray Protect The Defenders Of Your Realm

In the UK, HM the Queen, not Blair, commands the armed forces.

Which means that Blair and his sidekicks exercise the harlot's prerogative of power without responsibility to persecute Brit soldiers. The Queen should stop this nonsense.

Three British soldiers to face 'war crimes' trial

The three soldiers were among 11 charged yesterday in relation to the treatment of two Iraqi civilians who died in British custody in separate incidents in 2003. It comes less than a week after six former chiefs of defence staff claimed that the handling of prosecutions in Iraq was motivated by political correctness.

All the soldiers, including those charged under the International Criminal Court Act, will be tried by courts martial in Britain rather than in The Hague.

Britain's Armed Forces 'under legal siege'

Six former chiefs of the defence staff rounded on politicians, lawyers, the Ministry of Defence and the military police yesterday, claiming that their handling of military prosecutions in Iraq was led by political correctness and ignored the realities of fighting.

Lord Guthrie, CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) during the September 11 attacks, said investigations carried out against troops in Iraq had caused "undeniable damage" to the Army's trust in the chain of command.

Army faces crisis over shortage of infantry recruits

A recent report said 38 of the 40 infantry regiments were under strength and that there had been a 35 per cent fall in infantry recruits.