Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Carter - The Immoral Compass

Rather than condemn Jimmy Carter's latest utterances, the blogosphere should treasure him as a national asset who can be relied upon always to be wrong.

Carter's latest was to announce in Birmingham, England that the war in Iraq was "unnecessary and unjust" and Gitmo was "an embarrassment and had given extremists an excuse to attack the United States".

Carter has a long history of appeasing Fear States, here are a few highlights:

Refusing to fight

On Nov. 4, 1979, a mob of Iranian students stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took the diplomatic staff there hostage. Their actions were soon sanctioned by Iran's revolutionary government, and a standoff developed between the United States and Iran over the issue of the captive diplomats.

Carter's response was to temporize and try to negotiate the hostages' release while avoiding a direct confrontation with the Iranian government. This stance initially met with public approval, but by the time a secret U.S. military mission in April 1980 failed to rescue the hostages, Carter's inability to obtain the hostages' release had become a major political liability for him.

Appeasing tyrants in China and betraying the nascent democracy in Taiwan

On Jan. 1, 1979, Carter established full diplomatic relations between the United States and China and simultaneously broke official ties with Taiwan.

Helping North Korea build nukes

" The results of Jimmy Carter's negotiations in 1994 with the North Koreans and their acceptance by the Clinton Administration have to be one of the most naive, appeasing and damaging efforts in US foreign diplomacy. I know hindsight is always 20/20, but it's been proven over and over that you can't deal with a brutal bunch of thugs and expect them to abide by their word or the terms agreed upon..."

Co-founding the biggest islamic fear state

Carter had the U.S. Pentagon tell the Shah's top military commanders – about 150 of them – to acquiesce to the Ayatollah and not fight him.

The Shah's military listened to Carter. All of them were murdered in one of the Ayatollah's first acts.

Supporting fear states against the only democracy in the Mideast

Former US president Jimmy Carter on Sunday suggested Washington use its considerable military and economic aid to Israel as leverage to persuade the Jewish state to accept a just peace settlement with the Palestinians.

While taking money from fear states

Arabs are also robust funders of the Carter Center, the ex-president's redoubt and vehicle in Atlanta.

Never missing a chance to praise a tyrant

He said of Ceausescu and himself, "Our goals are the same: to have a just system of economics and politics . . . We believe in enhancing human rights." Since leaving office, Carter has praised Syria's late Assad (killer of at least 20,000 in Hama) and the Ethiopian tyrant Mengistu (killer of many more than that). In Haiti, he told the dictator Cédras that he was "ashamed of what my country has done to your country."

So Carter helps us decide what is right - its the opposite of what he says. And you can quit worrying that the attacks on the WTC in 1993 and 2001 were caused by the Jihadis knowing in advance that we'd make them wear women's underwear at Gitmo in 2004!

Note for Brit readers: when I can stomach it, I'll post on their Carter-equivalent, Heath.