Monday, August 08, 2005

DefenseTech Approaches Parody Limit

DefenseTech is a good information consolidator, but the following criticism brings to mind the words pot, kettle and black.

...former jocks who explain everything in terms of sports? They really make me laugh -- especially when what they're trying to explain is missile defense.

For example: Former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Riki Ellison, who now serves as Star Wars' chief cheerleader, in his role as the president of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.

His crime?

Ellison earned a bachelor's degree in international relations, along with an honors certificate in defense and strategic studies in 1983... [When] his football career ended in 1992... Ellison went into marketing for the [now-defunct] United Missile Defense Co., a joint venture pursuing missile-defense contracts. He formed the MDAA in 2002.

Looks OK to me - academic background and he's worked in the missile defense industry.

Whereas the sage at DefenseTech admits:

As a politico-turned-editor-turned-musician-turned-whatever-the-hell-I-do-now, I've got no beef with guys who switch careers.

Well, that does explain why he gets worked up every time a missile test fails - he's never built one and don't understand testing methodologies. Still he does provide a daily laugh to the professionals.