Monday, August 29, 2005

DefenseTech Flunks

The sometimes-useful-but-usually-irritating DefenseTech just flunked its basic weapons test.

M-4s? Not so Fast...

The Times has an interesting story on American reluctance to give Iraqi army units the machine guns and armored Humvees they want.

The NYT "story" is that the US is holding back supplying Iraqi soldiers with M-4s in case they turn into enemies. Which is nonsense beacuse, compared with the AK-47 currently used by the Iraqi army, the M-4 is not a great killing weapon.

Here is a snip from the Michael Yon's recent Gates of Fire (it's very, very good, try to read the whole thing). Describing two infantry engagements:

Amazingly, despite being hit by four M4's from multiple directions, the man still lived a few minutes. Soldiers out ran and tackled his two associates when they made a run.

Prosser shot the man at least four times with his M4 rifle. But the American M4 rifles are weak--after Prosser landed three nearly point blank shots in the man's abdomen, splattering a testicle with a fourth, the man just staggered back, regrouped and tried to shoot Prosser.

I hope DefenseTech is more reliable on the topic of BMD.