Friday, August 19, 2005

Dishonest European MSM (1)

In the past week I got to read what Europeans are fed by their print MSM. Results are depressing - most of it drips dishonest anti-US sentiment. And, unfortunately, its working.

Here's an example from the London Daily Mail. It's populist, right of center, opposes Blair and so opposes Iraqi Freedom. Here's an article from their Thursday August 19 print edition.

Spate of Baghdad bombings leaves 44 dead
By David Williams Chief Reporter

At least 44 people were killed in three co-ordinated explosions in Iraq as bombers sought to exploit the crisis that has left the country without a constitution.

It emerged that July was the bloodiest month in Baghdad's modern history, with 1,100 bodies passing through the city's mortuary. Before the invasion the figure for July was 200.

There are two dishonest messages here.

Lie 1: Terrorism Is Part Of The Constitutional Process

It's absurd to claim these murders were connected with the delay in agreeing the Iraqi constitution - Sunni and al Queda terrorists have been slaughtering innocents for over a year. And even if they were suddenly enraged about the absence of - say - a Sunni-goat-molestation clause in the constitution, how can the Chief Reporter of the London Daily Mail possibly know this?

So this story portrays mass-murderers as responding to a political process. Whereas the terrorists have made quite clear that they want to revert to a Sunni-run Fear State. Which you can bet won't have a constitution.

Lie 2: More Iraqis Are Being Killed Under The Coalition Than Under Saddam

The reporter uses the trick of ignoring Saddam's mass graves, the inhabitants of which were bulldozed into the sand without passing through the Baghdad mortuary - here's a link to blog coverage.

At least 290 grave sites containing the remains of some 300,000 people have been found since the American invasion two years ago, Iraqi officials say.

Not all mass graves have been found, and many that have remain unopened. So let's guess that he killed a million people between the Gulf War in 1991 and 2003 - about 80,000 a year. Say that 20% were in the populous Baghdad area, which gives about 1,300 a month. Which would mean that the July 2005 figure of 1,100 was lower than the average under Hussein.

You can make lower assumptions on the total killed, and the percentage of those killed who were from Baghdad. But however you run the numbers, Iraq under Hussein was not safer than now. For the good reason that his murderous henchmen now have to face the coalition military and an ever-growing Iraqi army.

Still the Chief Reporter of this right-of-center has dripped his poison and the majority of Europeans I spoke to believed that Iraqi Freedom has made life worse for Iraqis.