Saturday, August 06, 2005

Don't Arabs Know How The World Sees Them?

Israeli Jews reacted to one of their own murdering 4 Arabs with horror and condemnation. The Arab community did the same. But then oddly added that police must not investigate the subsequent lynching of the killer. If this is because Arabs are shy of being viewed as primitives, they are 60 years too late.

Here's the story (my emphasis).

The monitoring committee of the Israeli Arab leadership called on the government Saturday to refrain from investigating the death of Eden Natan Zada, who was lynched by an angry mob after he murdered four Israeli Arabs in the northern town of Shfaram on Thursday. Mohammed Barakeh warned on Saturday that protests could erupt if police probe Zada's lynching.

You can be sure that they'd be demanding a full investigation if Jews had lynched an Israeli Arab.

According to Barakeh, the crowd attacked Zada out of concern he would continue with his shooting rampage. He denied that Zada was beaten after being handcuffed by police.

However, Shfaram's security officer, Jamal Aliam, told Army Radio that Zada had been attacked by dozens after he had been handcuffed and subdued by police.

Do Arabs really think that the world would be shocked to learn that they killed a handcuffed man? Since they attacked the new State of Israel in 1948, Arabs have shown the world that:

1. They can't fight - easily losing to smaller forces in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973,1991 & 2003.

2. They kill innocents - teenagers in nightclubs, children, etc.

3. They kill captives - Iraqi terrorist slaughterhouses

Sorry Mr. Barakeh, but no suppressed police investigation is going to change this perception.