Saturday, August 27, 2005

EU Gets It Right

The EU and President Chirac strike an historic blow for Avian Rights.

...this week the Dutch agriculture ministry ordered all birds to be kept indoors on the advice of its scientists.


Holland's tough precautions against bird flu are now being examined by EC lawyers to see whether they breached EU procedures. Commission lawyers are also examining whether Holland's poultry flocks can now retain their free-range status.

Quite right too. Farmers are probably moving their charges into their front parlors. Can you imagine the effect on an impressionable chick of exposure to the heavy furnishings and gilt decor so popular with Dutch poultry breeders? Or of 24*7 exposure to Dutch TV and its terrible game shows? Never forget that the Dutch invented Big Brother.

President Chirac is following up, the London Telegraph headlining.

Chirac has 'grave concerns' over Turkey

Imagine the heart-rending scene. The turkey tucked up in bed in a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital, thermometer in beak & attended by a crack team of Italian Red Cross terrorist doctors. Chirac sits at at the bedside, gently patting its wing, a look of kindly solicitude on his lizardoid features.

Europe finished? Never!