Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good News! New London Sub Base Saved

The Pentagon has decided not to close the famous Groton sub base, which is good news given a resurgent Russia and the developing Chinese threat. It confirms Secretary Rumsfeld's management excellence.

Groton is across the Thames from the New London town of Kelo fame. I first went on board a nuclear sub there, but future rather than nostalgic considerations make keeping Groton a great move.

Groton is the East Coast base nearest to the shortest and most covert route to the Pacific, which goes under the Arctic ice cap -- a faster route to North Korea than the subs based in San Diego, in fact.

And basing subs out of just 2 bases in Norfolk and San Diego made no sense with a resurgent Russia fueled by $60+ oil refurbishing its huge nuclear arsenal and delivery systems.

Don Rumsfeld has fought a lot of tough battles to rationalize the US military, and was set on this closure. His willingness to change his mind when the facts changed confirms him as a great manager - in the words of (I think) Emerson,

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.