Friday, August 05, 2005

Google Obituaries!

Google could boost its Mideast revenues by launching "Google Obituaries". It would provide the usual bio, but illustrate it with an AP image of the freshly killed/dead corpse of the subject . It could start with retrospectives on Arafat and King Saud.

I dumped Google while keeping tabbed browsing by swapping Opera for FireFox. It was easy.

1. Downloaded and installed Firefox from

2. Installed.

3. Imported my bookmarks etc from Opera using File/Import.

4. Tidied up toolbar using View menu.

5. Hosed out Google by selecting Yahoo (for the moment) as search engine & deleting google.src and google.gif from the install directory.

Firefox scrolls a few % slower than Opera, and the GUI graphics are marginally cruder. But it uses significantly less screen real estate (important on my 14" screen laptop). Two popups got though its defenses, but I'll find out which sites generate them & blacklist them.

And I keep on finding out nice things about FireFox - for example if you go to a Permalink, then Back, it displays the correct address!