Friday, August 05, 2005

Google's Barbarism

Google yesterday illustrated its story on the murder of Steven Vincent with an AP photograph of his mutilated corpse - hat tip LGF. So Google is a barbaric culture (we already know AP is), and I will never use them again.

Barbarians display dead people to diminish people's memory of them - for most friends and relations of the dead, the last image is the one they remember. Barbarians don't want that to be strength, happiness and life, but rather a mutilated corpse. Google and AP want their readers to remember Vincent as a recumbent bloody lump of meat, shrunken in death.

Iraqi barbarians have taken the display of death to new depths, publishing videos of them slaughtering their bound prisoners and displaying the eviscerated body of a Brit nurse to meet the US marines entering Fallujah. The Japanese army in WW2 mounted heads of prisoners they had killed. As recently as 300 years ago, the Brits showed the heads of executed people on spikes at the Tower of London and London Bridge.

Google isn't the first barbarian news source. Some years ago the London Sunday Times printed a large photograph of the face of the corpse of Marilyn Monroe after 2 weeks in the morgue, with a caption noting that she was no longer attractive. This left its readers with an image of Monroe of corruption and decay, rather than life, energy and beauty. Mrs G still can't get this image out of her mind.

So, just as we never read the London Sunday Times, I will never use Google again.

Which is a pain, since it's wired into Opera and (I think) Firefox, so back to IE. All other suggestions welcome.