Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Heath - The Brit Immoral Compass

The Brit equivalent of Carter was Edward Heath, considered by some as The Worst British Prime Minister Of The 20th Century. He just died, leaving Brits without an Immoral Compass - maybe Carter is angling for the role with his remarks in Birmingham?

All ellipsis are mine.

Like Carter, Heath appeased murderous tyrants:

Watching him defend the massacre in Tienanmen Square was more than distasteful; it was shameful, and it marred his public record.

That's the statist al Guardian speaking - actually his public record was one of appeasing the strong and oppressing the weak.

He appeased the EU

He signed the Brits up to the precursor of the EU on terrible terms - folding to a last-minute French demand to cede all Brit fishing grounds.

Obviously his worst crime was to negotiate Britain's membership of what is now called the European Union on appallingly bad terms. It is a measure of how feebly he pressed for Britain's interests that both Harold Wilson and Mrs Thatcher were (later) able to gain concessions that he had been too negligent even to notice.

He was so obsessed with being a European and making Britain European that he was willing to sign away literally anything. There can not be a fisherman in Britain who did not spit in the sea when Heath sailed past in his expensive yacht.

He foisted multiculturalism on the Brits

An earlier sign of his lack of any sense of loyalty to the integrity of our nation had been his immediate, thoughtless sacking of Enoch Powell from the shadow cabinet in 1968 after Enoch had made his "Et Tiberim multo spumantem sanguine cerno"speech.

Powell (a classical scholar and great man) here forecast that unrestricted immigration would lead to civil violence.

Well, ten days before Heath died, the bombings of July 7th in London, meant that there really were rivers of blood, in exactly the way that Powell prophesied and for the reasons he gave, namely the rise of communalism in a society cursed by diversity.

He provoked the over-mighty Brit Trades Unions, then submitted to them

In 1926 and (after Heath) in 1984-5 the miners lost in their fight for eternal and increasing subsidies because the government had prepared itself well in advance for the conflict. Heath had not. The lights went out all over Britain.

He debauched the currency

His monetary and fiscal policies were irresponsible and led to inflation, particularly in house prices...Heath's time in office was one of relentless inflation, a process that redistributes resources arbitrarily and unjustly between individuals and groups.

He lied

Edward Heath's 1971 White Paper on joining the EEC deceived Parliament and people with its false statements that "there is no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty", and that Britain's sovereignty would somehow be "enlarged by sharing."

Whereas, we now know from de-classified papers that:

Cabinet papers pre-1970 show the Heath government to have had full knowledge of the EEC (EU precursor) being a long-term plan for a unitary European State with its own currency; but the facts were suppressed by this and succeeding governments with the deliberate intention of keeping the nation in the dark.

Still, like Carter, he was a perfect guide - if he thought something was wrong, it was right, and vice-versa.