Sunday, August 28, 2005

Italy Must Come Clean

An Italian claims complicity in helping out injured Iraqi terrorists and their kids. The Italian government may or may not be involved. But either way it must urgently provide the Coalition with details of the men and kids they treated - it might reveal the location of a cache of nuclear material.

Italian doctors smuggled four gravely wounded Iraqi insurgents past American checkpoints and secretly treated them in a Baghdad hospital as part of the price to secure the release of two Italian hostages last year, the outgoing head of the Italian Red Cross told a newspaper yesterday.

Sick children of insurgents were also flown to Italy to undergo treatment for leukemia within days of the release of the "Two Simonas" - the aid workers Simona Pari and Simona Torretta - in September last year.

Maurizio Scelli, a central figure in the negotiation for the release of several Italian hostages, caused controversy by disclosing to La Stampa that Italy's American allies were deliberately kept in the dark about his negotiations with the approval of the Italian government.

"There was another condition. We had to treat four of their children who were sick with leukaemia and who, if I remember correctly, arrived in Italy the day after the Two Simonas."

Four kids with leukemia is a lot since:

...between 480 and 500 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with leukemia in Britain each year..

Scaled for population, Iraq would have 217 kids diagnosed each year. If there are 25,000 terrorists that's 0.1% of the population and they would have 0.2 kids diagnosed with leukemia a year. So 4 kids is 20 years worth of diagnosed kids! This may be a statistical fluke - you can get clusters of leukemia. But it may be something scary.

A major cause of leukemia is radiation exposure of children or their fathers (my emphasis)

Ionizing radiation has long been recognised as a cause of leukemia in exposed children. But delegates at a conference in London today...will hear how ground-breaking research is now providing evidence that the children of men exposed to radiation may also be at increased risk of developing leukemia.

So it's vital for us to know which kids the Italians treated, where they live, and where their fathers live. Because either kids or fathers might be sitting on a cache of enriched Uranium or Plutonium.

UPDATE 11 PM 8/28: Fixed broken link