Monday, August 22, 2005

Phony Brazilians

To balance my beastliness about the European print MSM, I should compliment Private Eye. It's politics are all over the map, but it's a relentless seeker after truth, and it's funny. And it punctures the ridiculous Brazilian Government neatly.

Here is part of a regular series called "Number Crunching", in which it ironically juxtaposes statistics:

Number Crunching: 30

* Hours it took for Brazilian Government to announce itself "shocked and perplexed" at shooting of Brazilian citizen by police in London.

* Number of Brazilian citizens shot by police in one night last March in reprisal for crackdown on corruption.

The Brazilian Government is following up!

Wagner Gonçalves, Federal Deputy Attorney General, and Márcio Pereira Pinto Garcia, Assistant Director of the Department of International Judicial Co-operation in the Ministry of Justice, will today meet John Yates, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Met, and other senior police officers.

They were despatched to Britain by the Brazilian Government after Celso Amorim, the Foreign Minister, expressed his "shock and bewilderment" at the killing and subsequent reported cover-up.

It will be interesting to find out if the Brazilian Government showed the same solicitude for the 30 civilians their cops shot on one night in March. I doubt it - Brazil rates only a tad less corrupt than Cuba in the Corruption Perceptions Index.