Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tim's Vacation

The higher echelon of the Brit blogosphere has insulted London's cops, lined up with the Marxists, and now decided the 52 dead from 7/7 don't count. He needs a break, so how about a weekend in London? Here's a guide and itinerary...

Meet London Cops

The police are now encouraged, nay ordered, to execute people on suspicion. Walk out of your house while Plod’s relieving himself, show no other suspicious characteristics at all, no bulky coat, no rucksack, no running, sit down on the Tube and die.

For American readers, here's the definition:

Plod (O/C) British, usually offensive, from Enid Blyton's Noddy books. Can connote Ineptitude.

Maybe Worstall thinks "Plod" is a term of respect - if so he can check it out on arriving in London by asking a cop: "Heh Plod, stop relieving yourself and tell me the time!". A video recording of the encounter would be good.

Practice His Incisive Management

Something went wrong with the system. Someone, somewhere, must be held accountable for that. It doesn’t matter that "we are at war", whenever and wherever there is such an error there has to be someone to carry the can, for if there is not then there is no sense of responsibility in the system. And as the man at the top that’s Sir Ian.

Buh Bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Now that's decisive - working brilliantly on so little information - and so guaranteed to fix the problem!

While he's in London he can practice this management style in restaurants when he gets bad service (I'm guessing he will). Just summon the Manager and give him the "Buh Bye" line. Easy - the guy's bound to do what he's told. Again, video would be good.

Comfort The Bereaved

I still think that the killing by the State of an innocent is worse in many ways than the killing of 52 by religious nutters.

Here's a light Fisking.

Strip off the redundant “still” and the weasel-phrase “in many ways”; insert "accidental" (unless he wants to argue murder); clarify the State as British (the most-free, least-corrupt, big economy in the world); insert "innocent" to characterize the 52 dead on the equal terms; replace "killing" with "murder"; modify "religious nutters" to identify their objective. The result reads:

I think that the accidental killing by the British State of an innocent is worse than the murder of 52 innocents by enemies of the British State.

Of course, the 52 innocents might outvote Worstall's one.

Still, I could be wrong and to check this out, Tim should travel around London (on the Underground) and visit the relations of each of the 52 dead, explaining to them that the death of their wife/husband/mother/father/daughter/son/brother/sister is sooo much less important than one guy's. Because their relations were murdered by terrorists, not accidentally shot by cops. Once again, lots af video please!

I'm happy to help with recommendations of Notting Hill hotels where he'd feel at home...